Integrative care

What are the key elements of our integrative care?


To address health issues of our clients we consider all mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of health. We understand that each body is unique and we therefore apply functional and pesonalized approach. The patients preferences play a pivotal role in share decision making.


Laboratory, imaging and instrumental tests help us to understand how numerous biochemical systems of a particular customer function. We use services of leading European and North American laboratories that provide scientifically validated laboratory tests on the functional medicine market in the the following areas: food allergy, autism, chronic fatigue, hormonal dysfunction, gastrointestinal conditions, detoxification, genetics, and cardiovascular problems.


Integrative care combines conventional treatment with complimentary and alternative practices that have shown through science to be safe and effective. Integrative care is based on scientific evidence. It includes diet, supplemental nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and behavior therapies, and environmental modification as well as traditional

pharmaceutical drugs. It is the future of modern medicine.