Anti-Aging Integrative Medicine Practice of Dr. SG Airiian

Our personalized anti-aging integrative care

Welcome to the Anti-Aging Integrative Medicine Practice of Dr. S.G. Airiian! We believe we can help our clients to feel good and look better despite aging and chronic medical conditions. We can achieve this goal using a holistic evaluation approach, advanced state-of-the art diagnostics and an integrative treatment advice.

Our approach is based on functional medicine, a fundamental paradigm shift from medicine by symptom to medicine by cause, from medicine by disease to medicine by system, from medicine by organ to medicine by organism.

The functional medicine model is an individualized, patient – centered, science – based approach that empowers patients and practitioners to work together to address the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness. It requires a detailed understanding of each patient's genetic, biochemical and lifestyle factors and leverages that data to direct personalized treatment plans that lead to improved patient outcomes.

Mark Hyman, MD, from the Institute for Functional Medicine describes why one condition can have many different causes and how one cause can lead to many different conditions. Watch the video here.

Functional medicine is a personalized method for getting to the root of symptoms and restoring balance (Dr.J.S. Bland)

Learn if you have an imbalance in the principal processes, that affect the whole body's organ system, by doing the

Health Test 


We understand that each body is unique and we therefore

consider all mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of health.


We use services of leading European and North American laboratories that provide scientifically validated laboratory tests on the functional medicine market in the following areas: food allergy, autism, chronic fatigue, hormonal dysfunction, gastrointestinal conditions, detoxification, genetics, and cardiovascular problems.


Integrative treatment is based on scientific evidence of anti-aging and functional medicine. It includes diet, supplemental nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and behavior therapies, and environmental modification as well as traditional pharmaceutical drugs.

It is the future of modern medicine.

What we can offer

Our expertise covers major fields of anti-aging integrative personalized medicine including neurology, sleep disorders, cardiology, endocrinology, immunology, toxicology and nutrition


Hormone profile

Allergies testing

Immune function testing

Toxicology testing

Gut Microbiome testing

Neurotransmitter testing

DNA testing

Solutions for men

Hormonal therapy 



Lifestyle modification

Solutions for women

Hormonal therapy

Skin rejuvenation



Lifestyle modification

Preconception DNA testing


Do anti-aging integrative medical services provided by Dr. S.G. Airiian substitute general medical care by my family physician and/or my medical specialist?

No, anti-aging integrative medical services do not substitute standard general medical care. They are additional to the care you receive from your family physician and your medical specialist. You are advised to inform your current standard care provider about the anti-aging integrative medical care offered by Dr. S.G. Airiian and inform us should your doctor(s) disagree with any specific aspect of our anti-aging care.

Are the anti-aging integrative medical services provided by Dr. S.G. Airiian covered by medical insurance?

No, these services are not covered by medical insurance. We do not provide our patients with any insurance claim.

What are the consultations costs?

The consultation costs start from 120 €.

Can Dr. S.G. Airiian give an online consultation?

Yes, we use medical approved secure interactive internet technologies where the patient and the doctor are not in the same physical location. However, the first consultation is preferably face to face.

In what languages can the consultations be conducted?

We speak Dutch, English and Russian.

Do I need to visit the doctor's practice for diagnostic testing?

No, you don't always need to visit our practice. The majority of diagnostic tests can be sent to the patient's home address by DHL. An attached DHL prepaid return envelope will allow you to return the samples directly to laboratory.

About Dr. S.G. Airiian

Dr. S.G. Airiian has been practicing medicine since 1982

After completing the family medicine residency at the Amsterdam Medical Centre, he founded a family medicine practice in The Hague. Caring for patients of all ages in a busy city practice required up-to-date medical knowledge and organisational skills.

Dr. S.G. Airiian attended annual conferences of the European Organisation of Family Doctors and the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Since 2019 Dr S.G. Airiian has been a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He has been certified in Precision & Anti-Aging Medicine by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine & The Metabolic Medical Institute in 2021.